Nathan Danser is a genre bending songwriter with a wide spectrum of sounds ranging from upbeat catchy pop songs to intimate folk music.
His ability to produce meaningful music within various styles targets a large audience, with many songs that can be enjoyed by all.

Lately, Nathan has been playing many solo acoustic shows around Alberta, performing in all sorts of venues including bars, coffee shops, outdoor festivals, restaurants and more, sharing the bill with other artists and bands from all sorts of genres. In the month of September, Nathan will be featured in an evening of the notable ‘Behind the Grand Songwriters Showcase’ eld in central Alberta, a series that has been performed nation wide.

Nathan currently has four notable releases. ‘My Only Crime’, an EP released in 2015, ’The Tractor Beam EP’, released in 2016, ‘Low’, an EP released in 2017, followed by the full length album ‘Get Well Soon’, released later 2017. All music written, performed and produced by Nathan.