‘Typecast’ is the second song in the unreleased album, Them’s The Breaks. This upbeat rock song comes from the perspective of a man going through a midlife crisis of sorts; battling between doing what’s in his blood vs. living up to societal expectations.

Had a lot of fun with this one, this Telecaster driven tune is hugely inspired by The Pixies. I wasn’t sure about the quality of songwriting on this album at the time, being that it’s so instrumentally focused, but looking back at it, I can definitely say that I’m proud of the hooks, as buried in the mix as they might be. I thought I would share the lyrics to the chorus in this post as well as they might be difficult to understand:

‘When it comes down to everything we’re not, We’re looking to find ourselves in a typecast of the role we’ve all come to know. As for the fans, well I’ll let them down, what they wanted ain’t they shit they’re gonna get, I rewrote my own script.’

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